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HuNan in China

ZhangJiaJie,FengHuang town,ChangSha

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Happy New Year Trip.

This is the first time that mum and I travel during the holidays.I hope that the trip brings us happiness.

The weather in Beijing is so cold.Generally speaking,people prefer warm places like HaiNan or HongKong for winter travel.But, we chose to visit HuNan which is as cold as beijing because there are fewer travellers and we might save lots of money.Wow, it is also our first time trip during winter.

30.12.2007 sunny

We took a flight from Beijing to ZhangJiaJie and got three discount plane tickets due to order them advance. When we arrived at ZhangJiaJie, the air is so fresh and everything is green.I am so surprised that the trees are still green even though it is already deep into winter. If pepole don't wear coats, nobody could identify the correct weather by just observing nature.I just realize that winter in the south is very different from other parts of the country.

31.12.2007 cloudy

Good News!!!! To celebrate world heritage of ZhangJiaJie, everyone will get free ticket from 2007/12/25 to 2007/12/31.Yes, we were very lucky to arrive on the last day of free park ticket.LOL, it saves about 500RMB.

ZhangJiajie is most famous for its mountains.we hope that it could be snowing because the most beautiful season is snow scenery.But, the warm weather always follows us.It is a pity that we didn't get to see snow.

We climbed the mountain and almost couldn't stay on the mountain peak because of heavy backpacks. Then, we took the cable cart which carried us up three thousand meters in only 3 minutes.At the peak, we enjoy the whole scenery. Take pictures!Take lots of pictures!


we stayed with local farmers on the mountain and they were so sweet.At night, we talked with them around the fire and they helped us with designing the trip route.But,it was so cold and we went to bed quickly.

01.01.2008 cloud

After a night of sound sleep, we had more energy than yesterday.We went to WuLong village located on the highest mountain peak. The road was so tough to climb and very narrow.Some of spots only one thin person pass.Of course, we had no problem passing there because we are thin girls. :P On the highest mountain of WuLong village, it is the best point to enjoy the bird's eye view of ZhangJiaJie's splendid scenery.


Before midday, we came back to farmer's home from WuLong village.The rest time is enough for us to descend mountain.Maybe,would you like to ask me why we don't stay there more time. The answer is so simple.... we are so hungry and we don't want to keep the status on the first day of new year. In these mountains,there are lack of vegetable and meat.And, the food is not suitable for us...... Ok, the first goal of 2008 is to find out delicious food. I don't know from when I become a food follower.

We walked along small road according to map and admired the view. Song together, Talk together,Laugh together..... I like our shared time during travelling because we depend on each other. We are more consistent with behavior and attribute.... Sometimes, there are some monkeys appear on the road.They take a look at us and I guess some food could be enough for them.But,I fear any animal except dolphin .... Don't follow me,Don't follow me......

Nobody bother us and the whole road belong to us in the afternoon.But, our leg are so hard to control due to out of workload. LOL.


The delicious food is the New year dinner.Now, I still could smelt them. If one thing bring happiness for me, I never forget forever. Keep in my memory.

01.02.2008 sunny
Usually, we like to take by train to other places. The sound of train always give us the feeling to bring us remote places that we never have been. I don't make sure why mum and I like travelling outside. After two hours, we arrived at FengHuang town by train.

It look like LiJiang town located on YunNan.But, the feeling is wholely different to me. FengHuang is always secret,noiseless. You could feel the local person still live on there and travelling market don't change more.


On the old street, you could find out the old woman is making a small bag by hand there are some color flowers on it;Along the TuoJiang rivier, you could find out local person is watching vegetables by river water;On the river, the special bridge attract your attention, I have some fear and worry about it when I crossed it from one side of river to others.


Here let us relax. Nothing need for us. Everything restore the nature status.

01.03.2008 sunny

We met a cute boy came from WuHang by taking pictures each other. He had one free ticket of FengHuang museums and he shared it for me. WOW.The trip is always so interesting and surprising on free ticket. we visited these museums. Some of them are famous person's old house and we learn lots of traditional knowledge and local custom.


01.04.2008 Cloudy

Almost we spent about eight hours on the train from FengHuang to ChangSha. It is good chance to take a rest for us.
When we arrive at ChangSha, we found out it is so flourishing out of my thinking.


01.05.2008 Sunny

My Friend took us visit HuNan university that is one of four biggest school in old period. In there, we made a wish to improve our english in new year.LOL. Because we had arrived the famous school in old period.Give us strength! God is nice to us. :P

In changsha, there are kinds of food. I like them.But, they are so expensive. The price is more than on Beijing. From the point, my favorite is ChengDu. LOL

On New Year, The trip is pretty good start.Let us make our future.

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